Leila Mounji

First of all to assure you, Professor Mohamed Abouzeid and Heba Elnahhas are a Dream Team, along with all the other staff members, you will be in wonderful Hands.

So for me the idea of surgery had been something I had been considering for a long time. I felt miserable, unhappy, in pain and isolated from life. I felt I wasn’t living life to the Max and not giving my daughter the best from her mum. The NHS process is long, intensive and sometimes not always successful. I just felt for me private was the only way forward.

So with my best friend we both booked The Professor. I felt nervous but after researching him with my best friend and talking to him. I felt it was the right decision. The professor is always available, he answered my endless questions quickly and honestly and he always made me feel safe.

On arriving at Cairo Airport i would recommend getting a SIM card from Vodaphone. It’s around £23 and you get data and mins to call and message family. There is wifi in the hospital and and hotel.

The wonderful Heba collects you from the airport and you instantly feel happy being around her. She is a ray of sunshine and the loveliest person, who goes out of her way to help you anyway she can.

We arrived at the hospital had our bloods taken and then we met Professor Mohamed, he will go through the whole process with you and explains everything in detail, taking any questions you have and reassuring you. He instantly puts your mind at rest, he is such a knowledgeable, calm, and talented man, you will be looked after. Then we were allocated our hospital rooms. All the staff are so lovely and helpful.

In the morning it was time to get on that losers bench and off to surgery I went. I was actually just very excited I didn’t have much nerves, the whole team make you feel so safe. Waking from the proceedure, yes I felt pain, the worst part is the gas pain. It does settle and each day it gets better, walk and drink the peppermint tea. After a few days recovering in hospital with the amazing staff who check on you constantly, as do the Professor and Heba. We moved to the hotel.

The hotel is beautiful very relaxing, I enjoyed the enormous bed and watching the Disney movie channel but the tv channels are endless hehe. You have a balcony and the pool is beautiful. I had a little swim and laid by the pool.

Waking up in my own bed today, I feel very blessed and have no regrets at all. You are in the safest hands.

It’s the start of a new healthy exciting life and I cannot thank Professor Mohamed Abouzeid and Heba Elnahhas enough.

Book guys you will not regret your decision ❤️