Katie Katie

This is just a few of our photos as trust me we have allot 🤣 Egypt is going red list from 7-8th June 😭 gutted for the people due to fly to see Mohamed and heba, but I can with all my heart say it's worth the wait, I'm still here now in the most beautiful hotel, had a great day right now I'm pretty much pain free !!!! I had my surgery 2 days ago, heba took us for our covid tests today and we stopped off at a chocolate shop for some sweets for our children, getting covid tests isn't much fun usually but chatting to heba I wouldn't of cared if we was in that que for 2 hours ! Had fun chatting with her and looking at her cooking Instagram one of the friendliest people Iv ever met... Mohamed is very quick to answer any questions and of course amazing at what he does I barely have a single bruise I felt safe and in good hands.. he came round before I left for the hotel gave me my meds and explained very well about my diet for the next few weeks his choice of hospital and hotel is perfect both are amazing and the staff at both the hotel and hospital are also very friendly .. I could go on all day about how amazing everything has been ❤️ so hold tight guys you won't regret it ! It's been an amazing experience