Kate Pinky Jones

Here is my honest review.

I had been thinking about the surgery since Christmas and researching different professors . I new lots of people who went to someone else in Egypt but after finding prof abouzied I knew he was the one for me. He always got back to me quickly and was very reassuring . He also has a great sense of humour which helps.

I booked my flights and confirmed my date and two weeks later I arrived at Cairo .

I was travelling alone but luckily found two ladies travelling on the same day so we met up at Heathrow airport.

The flight to Cairo was great, the airport was a little hetic but nothing to worry about. I would 100% get a SIM card at the airport, they do it all for you and it was around £23 for 30g data and 20 mins to ring home. We were met outside by the amazing Heba who I instantly felt like we had been friends for years. 10 mins drive to the hospital and then straight off for blood tests. By this time it was 11.30 pm so I was shocked the prof had waited for us which was really reassuring . I had a good chat with him and weighed myself and was given some juice to take to bed. I couldn’t drink from 1am as my surgery was booked in at 10am. The hospital was lovely and my room was nice. Didn’t sleep much due to excitement more than anything.

Woke up early had a shower and waited for the prof.

Went down to surgery , there were a few people in the room but all were friendly. I just remember a chap saying to me “ goodnight pinky “ .

Then POW!!!!! Woke up hours later feeling horrific . I was reassured the operation went great .

I can’t tell you how dreadful I felt, the gas pain was awful and I felt out of it all night. Very tearful and wondering have I done the right thing.

The other girls came in to check on me and they had there op and were fine. The nurses were all very good and kind but spoke little English however this wasn’t a problem.

Made a few tearful phone calls home and worried my friends and family ( my only regret)

I drifted in and out of sleep all night , it felt like a lifetime.

Woke up the next day and to my shock I felt on top of the world. No gas pain and completely buzzing. I managed to walk around the hospital and chat to the girls. Took a shower and put fresh pjs on. The prof kept popping in to check on me, he said my stomach was one of the biggest he’s seen 🤣🤣 and needed to charge me extra, obviously he was joking about that part but he made me laugh. I was given lots of juice and water to sip .

On the day of leaving the hospital the prof sat down with us and gave us our medication and talked us through what to eat etc. You can ask as many questions as you like with out feeling silly and the prof will always give you honest answers.

For the rest of my stay I felt great I was completely shocked at how good I felt. I did have a little pain in my stomach but nothing to stop me living the dream in Egypt. Heba took me out to the mall and I watched an incredible light show , I went swimming and sun bathed and totally chilled out.

When we left the hospital I was given some beautiful gifts from the prof and Heba which I will treasure forever . I didn’t take any Egyptian money with me but Heba gave me some change for tips. No need to tip at the hospital I took 3 boxes of biscuits with me and gave them to the nurses. When you leave the hospital it’s another story. Make sure you’ve got plenty of change , they expect a tip for everything nothing much just a pound or two.

I would definitely take bovril with you and cup of soups, they were a god send. The thought of bovril before I went was horrid but my gosh it was a taste sensation.

Heba can not do enough for you, anything you want she will try her best, she is a total darling.

We have a group chat going so anyone unsure of anything please comment and I’ll add you to our group. It started with 4 of us and I think there’s over 20 of us in it now.

The hotel was incredible, pure luxury. I had a manicure and a pedicure and for both was £22.

I have so much to write but don’t want to bore you with it all.

In a nut shell if your worried DONT BE.

You won’t regret it, Prof Mohamed Abouzeid is the man!!

Total gent and the best surgeon hands down.